Immersive Learning Experience to Build
Campus Startups

6 Different ways to Establish your Career

SV.CO Startup founders start early in college to gain professional startup skills and explore graduation options during their final year

Programme Designed Exclusively for YOU

The programme is exclusively for software startups which can be built while you are in college and the platform enables you to learn from wherever you are.

Learn from experts

Learn from experts
across the world

Stratup with friends

Build a startup
with your friends

Showcase skills

Showcase your skills at
SV.CO events

Idea pool

Choose from a pool of
ideas if you don’t have one

Start in college

wherever you are alongside your
college degree

Spend your summer in Silicon Valley, USA

We recently flew India’s largest delegation of startups to Silicon Valley for one week. Our vision is to take a delegation of 250 startups on a Flight of Dreams for a period of two weeks.

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Day2 svtosv
Day3 svtosv
Day4 svtosv
Day5 svtosv
Day6 svtosv

Time to make your parents REALLY proud

Suraj family

“I was really worried when he said that he wanted to do a startup in his college. I thought college was all about grades and attendance but then I saw him code all the day in his room. He spends money for his company and not for shopping. It feels really great. He told me about his experience in Silicon Valley, and he seems to have learnt a lot from that.”

– Subbalakshmi Rajan

(Suraj Rajan’s Mother)

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