is now Pupilfirst
SV.CO Digital Learning Platform Pvt. Ltd. is now Pupilfirst Pvt. Ltd.
You can learn more about us at our new website.

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SV.CO School

The SV.CO school can now be found at

AR for CBSE School

Its URL hasn't changed. You can still reach it at

Why change our company's name?

The change in name reflects a change in what our team is focused on achieving.

When we were SV.CO, we were building a digital incubator, the Startup Village Collective, for student entrepreneurs.

We realised that, for students to be able to build prototype products, they need the requisite skills, and our current education system largely does not teach such skills.

As Pupilfirst, we’re moving one step back, to tackle this prerequisite for successful startups...


Real-world, technical skills that give students the tools and the confidence to successfully build what they want to build.

Whether they want to build a product of their own by forming a startup or to join an existing team & contribute to something awesome.

Learn more about how we're doing what we're doing by visiting our new website: