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Build your first Internet Startup

Keen to startup while in college? Thereʼs no reason you shouldnʼt. Itʼs quite an experience in itself! After all, we started up in college and lived to tell the tale. 😎

After being ranked #1 for incubating startups, we have now figured out the best way to help startups completely online. Based on our experiences, we'll guide you daily for the next 6 months, and as-and-when required, even further.

If you don't want to continue with your startup at any point, we have got you covered. We can help you get a job or get acqui-hired.

However, if your startup goes on to build a product with customers; an option to visit Silicon Valley ✈, Investors, Incubators, Accelerators and a lot more await you ! SV.CO Graduations are going to be epic!

Here are 4 special things about our program:

  • Completely Online — Be located anywhere in India!

  • Designed for Student Teams — Startup with your friends!

  • Exclusively for software ideasIndian SaaS is booming!

  • 5 Levels of Learning — Level 0 is the admission process.

Your journey begins with Level 0 - Admissions

Level 0 is where you impress us with your ability to form a team, build a product and attract customers. It's a learning experience in itself!

“In Level 0, we solved a real problem, built a product super fast and had fun doing it”

— Arun. P, Alumni of SV.CO

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as a Team Lead
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& Video Task
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Life beyond Level 0 - Sneak Peek

Alpha Launch, hosted by Freshdesk - the #1 SaaS company in India - is one of our key events at the School of SaaS. Teams across India travel to Chennai once during the programme to launch the Alpha version of their prototypes in front of SaaS experts.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I need a team to apply?

    Like you need a team to play football, you need a team to build a startup. In real companies, individuals come together to work as a team. SV.CO brings real world experience to students. You need to bring a team and we can teach you how to build a startup.

  • Can I apply even if I don’t have an idea?

    Students in college don’t have industry experience. To overcome this, we have a carefully researched list of good industry ideas which students in colleges can build. Each idea costs ₹10,000 of research by business analysts. You can thus apply, even if you don’t have an idea.

  • Is SV.CO only for college students?

    Yes. However, if you are within 3 years of graduating from a college, we will accept your application.

  • I don’t have co-founders. Can I apply alone?

    Like a football team has a goalkeeper, defender, mid-fielder and forward, a good startup has a programmer/coder, a sales person, a design person and one person for operations. You need all four roles filled to work together on an idea. Thus, you cannot apply alone.

  • Do I need programmers in my team?

    Yes. Founding Teams of Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook had at least one programmer. You need at least one co-founders who is a programmer in your team to apply.

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