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A Unique Opportunity for Students

School of Innovation India aims to foster future talent in emerging technologies and bring cutting edge technologies to India for ambitious students. It will help students to work with new-age technologies, learn how to build products while in college and scale under the guidance of the Industry.

School of VR blueprint

School of VR iconVRProgram

The first program under School of Innovation is focused on VR as an emerging technology area, and as a part of this program, top 10 student teams from across colleges in India will be selected to build a next generation VR product idea they have.


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Startup Village Collective (SV.CO) is a group of engineers,artists, designers, scientists, technology founders, organisations, governments (city, state, national and international) who have come together with a mission to build a world class learning environment on the Internet for students to build products.

Teams with commercial success join startup incubators, accelerators, angel funds and teams with engineering success get great jobs in startups or go for higher studies.

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Facebook is already involved with SV.CO as the Official Silicon Valley Host Partner along with City of Menlo Park and US Embassy in India and hosted the largest contingent of Indian students founders to visit Silicon Valley in June 2017.

Facebook with its interest to nurture future talent in India, is partnering with SV.CO to take the School of Innovation to the students to understand the potential of cutting edge technologies, build products, demo to industry leaders and perhaps also launch to customers.

Virtual Reality and its applications are poised to disrupt a lot of industry areas, but currently there aren't any established business models, products or markets. This offers ample scope to large companies, growth-stage startups, and young technology enthusiasts between 18-22 in colleges across India to be early adopters of this fascinating new technology.

What’s coming ahead?

JUNE 15, 2018

Applications Open

JULY 15, 2018

Applications End

JULY 20, 2018

Top 20 Teams Announcement

JULY 25, 2018

Top 10 Teams Announcement

AUGUST 01, 2018

Program Starts

Our Commitment to Student Teams

Fairness in Selection

Fairness in Selection

Individual students or teams of 2-4 students who are currently pursuing their undergrad can apply and they would be selected through different campaign methods.

Knowledge, Skill and Learning

Knowledge, Skill and Learning

Students would be on-boarded the SV.CO Online Learning Platform and supported with Human Assisted Learning on a Action Learning (Learn by Doing) pedagogy.

Guidance and Assessment

Guidance and Assessment

The select teams will be announced by Facebook India and will get an opportunity to present their product demo results to the leadership panel identified.

Future Prospects

Future Prospects

Based on whether they have customer success, they can choose to build a startup or use their skills to get great jobs in other startups.


This effort needs collaboration between multiple stakeholders. Each stakeholder will find benefit in partnering as it will also help in taking forward their own community mission.

Gain knowledge
Gain Knowledge

Currently enrolled University/College Students

Individuals or teams who are already exploring to build VR products or aspiring to build.

Provide knowledge
Provide Knowledge

Startups, Established Tech Companies, Academic Institutes

Already working in the VR space, who want to partner and contribute.

Enable reach
Enable Reach

Central and State Governments, Key Institutes/Incubators

Help in taking this pioneering efforts to a large scale.

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