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  • check mark For undergraduate Engineering and Design students in India.
  • check mark Join and learn how to conceptualize, create and brand your own cool experiences, deploy them using Spark AR Studio and publish on Facebook.
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About AR
Open Program

The AR Open Program focuses on Spark AR Studio adoption and engagement. The course content introduces learners to the fundamentals of AR and captures ways to utilise the Blender tool for creating assets, and Javascript for creating interactions. The objective of the program is to give students an opportunity and platform to learn how to conceptualize, create and brand their own content experiences, before deploying them using Spark AR Studio and publishing to Facebook. Learners thereby become creators within the Spark AR ecosystem.

Our Commitment to Student Teams

  1. Fairness in Selection

    1. Team of 2 students who are currently pursuing their Engineering or Design degrees can apply.
    2. From all teams who applied, 250 teams will be selected by the Judging Panel by means of a review of the application forms, based on criteria such as interest, intent, capability of the applicants and followed by a telephone interview.
  2. Knowledge, Skill and Learning

    1. Students will be on-boarded on Pupilfirst, the SV.CO Online Teaching and Learning Platform, which supports improved learning experience by attempting relevant tasks around concepts, getting personalised feedback by experts, and fostering a student community for peer learning.
    2. Teams will have access to high-quality, current, industry-tailored, task-based content on AR, Blender and Javascript during the program.
    3. Each team will go through the content and complete tasks on the platform, getting feedback and improving at each stage, finally developing high-quality AR filters as a part of their capstone project.
    4. The problem statement of the capstone project will be assigned to teams from the 5 available themes on a first come first serve basis.
    5. Top 25 teams (5 teams per theme) will be given an opportunity to demo the filter during the Final Demo Day.
  3. Guidance and Assessment

    1. Each team will have access to an Industry expert in AR domain for doubts and feedback during the course. Teams will be given grades for attempted tasks and qualitative feedback for improvement during the course, on the platform.
    2. Mentorship will be available during the capstone project for assistance towards creating a high-quality AR filter.
    3. Students will be a part of AR community on the platform where the queries on the course will be addressed by Industry experts/peer students enrolled in the AR open program.

How to apply?

  • Step 1 Stakeholders and Industry Experts

    Form a team of
    2 members

    Read about the program and understand,

  • Step 2 Stakeholders and Industry Experts

    Team lead fills
    admission form: Part 1

    Team lead applies for the program on behalf of the team

  • Step 3 Stakeholders and Industry Experts

    Team member fills
    admission form: Terms

    Email will be sent to team member with link

  • Step 4 Stakeholders and Industry Experts

    Team lead fills
    admission form: Part 2

    Email will be sent to team lead with link

What’s coming ahead

  • 13 January 2020

    Admission Opens

  • 12 February 2020

    Deadline for submission

  • 29 February 2020

    Selection and Announcement of
    Top 250 teams

  • 13 March 2020

    Open Program Begins

  • 05 June 2020

    Open Program Ends

  • 27 June 2020

    Final Demo Day

Industry Experts/Coaches

We have a pool of AR Industry experts who will be assigned to the student teams as coaches for the duration of the program for guidance and feedback.

  • Akash Kuttappa
    Akash Kuttappa
    Product Lead,Scapic
  • Atul Chavan
    Atul Chavan
    3D Designer & Spark AR Expert,Scapic
  • Ranjani Ramakrishnan
    Ranjani Ramakrishnan
    3D Designer,Scapic
  • Prajval B
    Prajval B
    Product Designer & Developer,Scapic
  • Prajval B
    Nithin N S
    Full Stack Developer & Spark AR Enthusiast

Facebook School of Innovation

Facebook School of Innovation aims to foster future talent in emerging technologies and bring cutting edge technologies to India for ambitious students. We recognize that the students enrolled in university programmes, across disciplines are very keen to learn emerging technologies provided they have content and guidance from the Industry.

The mission of Facebook’s School of Innovation is to create a learning pathway for students to gain experience in Facebook developer technologies and graduate to the industry with skills to get jobs or become entrepreneurs.

The second emerging tech of SoI (SoI 2.0) starting in January 2019 is Augmented Reality (AR). The scope of SoI 2.0 is to conduct an Open Program on Spark AR Studio and create awareness. Through these programs students will be able to work with Spark AR Studio for developing a range of AR effects such as Face Effects, World Effects and body tracked AR experiences, publish and distribute these effects across Facebook’s camera platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The first emerging tech of the School of Innovation (SoI 1.0) was Virtual Reality (VR). A nationwide Open Program on VR was conducted during Aug 2018 to Feb 2019 and the selected teams demonstrated their projects in the VR Demo Day held on 23rd Feb 2019. We have integrated the VR course at Sastra and GITAM university.


SV.CO Logo

Startup Village Collective (SV.CO) is a mission-based organisation to build the collective network for teaching and learning emerging technology courses to students.

The Company is currently piloting with select industry partners (Facebook and Freshworks) to create a connected learning platform for faculty and students in partner Universities to teach and learn emerging technologies like Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Web Developer Courses.

Learn more about SV.CO

Facebook Logo

Facebook has been involved with SV.CO as the Official Silicon Valley Host Partner along with the City of Menlo Park and US Embassy in India in hosting the largest contingent of Indian students founders to visit Silicon Valley in June 2017.

Facebook with its interest to nurture future talent in India, partnered with SV.CO in 2018 to take the School of Innovation to the engineering students to understand the potential of cutting edge technologies, develop skills, build products and demo to industry leaders.

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