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Industry partner:Freshworks

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About the Partnership

Freshworks is a global leader in customer engagement software. They provide organisations with a diverse suite of SaaS solutions which are ready to go, easy to set up and use, and require minimal customization. Freshworks is currently valued at $1.5 billion in the global market.

The global market for SaaS developers is predicted to touch $94.9 billion by 2022. To make use of this opportunity, skilling of students in SaaS/web technologies is very pertinent since quality developers are very likely to be readily absorbed by the industry, which now faces a tremendous shortage of talent overall. Freshworks, as a leader in the domain, has put together highly practical and relevant courses for students, that will give them strong foundational and applicational skills.

SASTRA-TBl is a theme based incubator, a registered 'not for profit' society supported by strong, capable advisory body. Its goal is to help startup entrepreneurs realize their dreams through a range of courses, infrastructure, business advisory, mentoring and financial services. To enhance the educational experience provided to students at the SASTRA Deemed to be University has jointly partnered with Freshworks and SV.CO to bring this Industry led course to its students.

These courses are integrated to the University curriculum at Sastra University with the teaching-learning platform developed by SV.CO, so that when students graduate, they are skill ready.

About the Course

Course Name: Web Technologies for SaaS (Open Elective)

Course Credits: 3

Web Technologies for SaaS is the first course put together by Freshworks to skill students with technologies required to develop industry-grade SaaS applications for developing practical, real-world applications.

Course Outcomes

Fairness in Selection

Data models

Design database models that accurately represent business requirements and are efficient in their execution.

Knowledge, Skill and Learning

Data presentation

Be able to expose the data retrieved by query or ORM using a REST API in a secure fashion.

Guidance and Assessment

Application development

Become familiar with the model-view-controller method, and Ruby on Rails conventions, for developing applications.

Future Prospects

Best practices

Be able to conceive and create SaaS applications following current best practices.

School of VR blueprint

Course Overview

Introduction to Ruby, Introduction to Rails, Introduction to Model View Controller (MVC), Application of Databases, Building properly indexed database models for sample business use cases like BookMyShow, Airbnb, Twitter etc. Retrieving information from SQL databases using ActiveRecord, Query Optimization, Structure of REST APIs, Basic UI development using HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Course Crew

Program Mentor: Pratham Sehgal

Arjun M. Das

Course Coach, Tech Lead - Freshworks Inc.

A formed embedded systems engineer turned Rubyist, with deep experience writing multi-threaded code.

Program Mentor: Sharatchandra Aithal

Sethuraman J

Course Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering - Sastra University

Program Mentor: Pradeep RS

Karthikeyan M.P

Course Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Information and Communication - Sastra University

Program Mentor: Shubham Agarwal

Reena Singh

Course Manager, Industry-Academia Liaison Manager - SV.CO