Six Ways: An Introduction to Student Startups

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#StartInCollege Six Ways is SV.CO’s free online course that tells you why & how to build startups even while you are in college.

From the folks who built India’s best student startup platform Startup Village, this online course will take you through the various stages of a startup journey: from deciding to start up, to forming a team, validating a good idea, building a prototype and finding passionate customers.

Course Authors

Vishnu Gopal

Currently CTO of SV.CO, Vishnu Gopal has over 10 years of experience working in the startup industry, most prominently with India’s first product startup: SlideShare.

Sanjay Vijayakumar

Founder & Chairman at Startup Village, Sanjay is a well-known figure in India’s startup space. He’s instrumental in bringing about a student startup revolution in India.


Gautham is part of the founding team at Startup Village and is in hard pursuit of the grand vision of changing the higher education landscape in India.

Course Outline

1. Why should you start up in college?

  • 21st Century Skills for students
  • Industrial-era education versus Internet-era education
  • Learning versus Earnings
  • Growth versus Fixed Mindset
  • Six ways to Graduate
  • 8 Years to go from Idea to ROI

2. What are startups?

  • Startups grow up to be Businesses
  • Uncertainty & Risk
  • Basic Economic Theory

3. Startup Roles

  • Three Roles
  • The Product Role
  • The Design Role
  • The Engineering Role

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