A group of people with extra ordinary mindsets! Evolved from the rest.


Shredders Startup industry iconEnterprise IT


Turquoise Ramanujan

ChameleonX Group

Continuum Labs Startup industry iconEnterprise IT


Squee labs
Yellow Pauling

A relational search engine driving real time smart analytics.

BeCray Startup industry iconEnterprise IT


Online learning portal for Robotics

karela Startup industry iconEnterprise IT

The Karela crew lend a hand to software development and developments in IoT.We corroborats trust,pliability and customer contentment

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Grasp-ed Startup industry iconSocial, Education, Health and Wellness

App to aid the early detection and guide the diagnosis of dyslexia,dysgraphia and dyscalculia



Tyko Startup industry iconSocial, Enterprise IT


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Tricodia Startup industry iconMedia, Enterprise IT


SeCure Startup industry iconHealth and Wellness

A nutshell Digital Solution for Health Care Industry. Your Hospital visit Made Easy

Lilac Watt




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SV.CO Startup industry iconEducation, Ventures for Good

A learning platform for first-time founders backed by real Universities.

Techlytx Startup industry iconSocial, Enterprise IT

A Social Outsourcing Platform


Necessity is the mother of all inventions

Hashters Startup industry iconDesign, Education, Enterprise IT

We Rise by Lifting Others.

Orange Kepler

SYM (Save Your Money) Startup industry iconFinance & Money

A better Everyday for Everyone

Parkeeze Startup industry iconAutomative, Travel, Security

Application for prebooking parking spots.

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Shrello Startup industry iconEnterprise IT

Hire smarter, faster!

Clubdin Startup industry iconSocial

Take your club online, manage with ease.

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Walat Startup industry iconFinance & Money

Mobile app that facilitates card-less ATM transactions.

Advoge Startup industry iconEnterprise IT

one step monetization for bloggers

Traco Startup industry iconSocial

Social Cards - One platform multiple cards

Z pay
Z-Pay Startup industry iconTravel, Finance & Money

Ever wished the local merchants, Taxis etc. took card payments? Well then, ZPay is here! ZPay is a smartphone based PoS Solution for small merchants!

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Treat !t Startup industry iconSocial, Art, Enterprise IT

Don't you all love surprises? Tap n Treat your dears with Treat !t. An amazing app that lets you treat your friends at their favorite shops!

Spenwise Startup industry iconFinance & Money

Prepaid ATM card & mobile app for young people.

Credito flux cropped logo
CreditoFlux Startup industry iconEnterprise IT, Finance & Money

Socializing the space of peer to peer lending .

FastBill Startup industry iconDesign, Enterprise IT, Finance & Money

We are dedicated to using innovative ideas to help our clients build genuine and valuable relationships with people.

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QURI Startup industry iconFinance & Money

Uber for chits.

handME Startup industry iconRetail, Media

handME provides shops the ability to reach to their customers directly, creating more engagement for less.

Tapiko Startup industry iconRetail, Finance & Money

Tapiko is a smart point-of-interest service provider. You can book appointments and tokens, make an order and pay at restaurants and more.

Stockmeister Startup industry iconFinance & Money

We aim to build a seamless mobile application that can manage and monitor multiple stocks thereby providing an efficient stock market experience.

OTG(Offers to Grasp) Startup industry iconFinance & Money

Team Zemafor presents OTG - Offers To Grasp , a one stop solution to save money while spending, all on-the-go.

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Investo Startup industry iconFinance & Money

Tension Free Automatic Investment. Invest the spare change while shopping and get big returns

castNcrew Startup industry iconMedia, Fashion

We aim to create an online modeling platform to propel modelling careers.

Fb pro
Flipay Startup industry iconSecurity, Enterprise IT, Finance & Money

Your Payment Space

QuickSplit Startup industry iconEnterprise IT, Finance & Money

We look forward to provide simple solutions to the needs of the common.

Start Raise

Making fund with ease.Startraise aims to make a new and different platform for those who need money and those who wish to donate money.

Valet Startup industry iconHealth and Wellness

Egg-centric centres on being the eggs in our society ,in other words the part of the society yet 2 be born ,filled with potential & waiting to hatch.

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Rentme Startup industry iconEnterprise IT, Finance & Money

Fintech startup building customized payment solutions to meet the evolving needs of prospective clients.