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Companies like Tally have acquired teams of developers from SV.CO.

Hiring a team brings you their combined strengths into your company. Our teams usually have full-stack developers, mobile‑focused engineers and data analysts. The best part? All of their work is public

Companies like Goqii, Ola & Freecharge have hired great developers from SV.CO.

We work with some of the best young talent in India. Hire Android, iOS & Backend engineers who have built real products and have industry know‑how. We also try to match founders’ deep interests with an industry sector so you get people who are deeply passionate about the work you do.

Fin, Reckone and iTraveller have been funded by amazing investors who are SV.CO partners.

If you're an angel or seed investor, sign up with us to get access to budding startups. We'll put you in touch early and you can interact with them even as they build their products.

Startups like Profoundis go on to join SV.CO’s Partner Accelerators.

If you're an accelerator based in India, get access to our startups to build a strong pipeline of great companies and get early updates on products our founders are building.

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A half-hour per week commitment to our collective. Students send you office hour requests with topics they'd like to discuss about.

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