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Sign up at SV.CO

Founders can sign up at SV.CO at any time. All founders start at our Admission Stage, where they form a team and understand about SV.CO's program and benefits.

Form a Team

Founders in college begin by forming a well-rounded team. It’s important that a great campus startup team has engineering, product, and design skills. They also need great communication skills (both written and spoken).

Pay Membership Fee & Join the Collective

Founders then pay a Membership Fee of ₹4000 per founder per month to join the Collective. It's important at this stage to correctly fill in all co-founder details & understand the success fee structure correctly.

Fill up Founder Profile

Founders begin by filling up their Founder Profile. A complete Founder Profile leads to more graduation options and better visibility to industry mentors and other companies.

Join Public Slack

Founders can also join Public Slack, the primary medium that SV.CO uses to communicate with batch founders. Founders can received direct support from batch coordinators, but they can also receive peer support and learn from previous batches.

Startup Basics

The very first stage is about learning startup basics. Founders also get a clear understanding of the engineering, product and design skills required to build a campus startup. More importantly, their skills are benchmarked against an ideal campus startup team, and skill gaps are identified and an improvement plan developed.

Talk to SV.CO Founders

One of the first online experiences that a founding team goes through is a live online session where they meet one of the SV.CO founders. This is where either Sanjay, Gautham or Vishnu talks to the team and gives them a quick overview of the program, gets to know the team and helps them understand how best to proceed. This sort of personal attention is a hallmark of the program.

Sign Partnership Deed

Founders can form a real legal entity when they join our program. The Partnership that they form helps them get a jumpstart on interacting with other companies and learning the basics of good governance. Some of our partners usually require a legal entity because this is where they deposit their partner credits and seed funds. We have a sample Partnership Deed available for founders to sign.

Receive your First Target

At SV.CO, we follow a guided target-based system for learning how to create great startups. Founders receive targets that they either complete individually or as a team. Each target is well-defined, constrained and has a viable deadline. Founders own up to completing targets and get graded on Target submissions.

Look at the SV.CO Library

The SV.CO Library is a one-stop-shop for all resources that SV.CO provides. It includes industry-leading market-reports, theme-specific analysis, workshops and great live video & presentation content.

View Target Slides

Most targets have focused content that describes how to complete them. They also contain links to further reading and even audio and video content. Target Slides provide a great resource for founders to look back on as reference.

Complete Targets & Earn Karma Points

Founders tell us that completing their first target is a great milestone. We grade target submissions and award founders karma points for their work. Building a great startup is never about competing with your batch founders, so the karma points system rewards collaboration and helping each other out.

Connect to Faculty

A great team of full-time and volunteer faculty is available to answer any questions that you might have as part of the program. These faculty are available to answer target-specific questions, reduce startup angst and in general be a helping hand. We've worked with student startups for over 5 years and we understand all sorts of pain points: from convincing your parents that your crazy idea is viable to managing college work-load and your startup.

Improve Target Submissions

Great founders learn to constantly iterate. And for great teams at SV.CO, target submissions are never really done. For example, founders choose to revise their prototypes a truckload of times before ending up at something they—and their customers—are happy with.

Build your First Deck

Building a great first deck that accurately and concisely describes a product idea is the first major target that founders receive. Browse through our previous batches’ content to see the great decks and other content they have made.

Talk to Customers Early

"Get out of the building!" is a constant refrain throughout the program. Great founders go out and talk to customers early—and often—and use these insights to build great products. Pair this with constant iteration and great teams can build useful products that customers love and will pay for.

Code, Code, Code!

Two whole months of the program are dedicated to teams doubling down and building a great prototype. Engineering focused sessions dominate this period and founders are taught everything from coding best practices to the best way to translate constantly changing business requirements to a great prototype.

Launch your Product

We provide you on the best ways to launch your product: a global audience through our Silicon Valley visit. Our batch focuses on a SaaS theme, and we believe that agile Indian startups can build some of the best SaaS products out there.

Pivot or Persevere

Some ideas work, some do not. Great founders learn when to keep trying and when to give up and try something else. Our program is designed to make founders metrics-driven and help them make a right choice. At a deeper level, founders will learn how to get over their fear of failure and build great products that customers will want and love.

Get University Certification

We have partner Universities on board that can offer a degree on completion of the six month SV.CO program. Separate guidelines and registration fees might apply, but these programs offer you an ability to combine your startup education with a degree from a recognised University.

Graduate from SV.CO

You graduate from SV.CO in one of six ways. Great founders and teams can get hired at other companies. And teams that build great products can get funded or go on to other incubators and accelerators to continue building their product. For Batch 3, we're also introducing our Silicon Valley visit that provides unparalleled opportunities for capable founders.

Become an Alumni

SV.CO is about life-long learning: we believe that great founders keep learning skills throughout their life. And one of the best ways to learn is to teach: when you pass on your skills to juniors, you'll notice significant improvements in your own work. This is why the SV.CO Alumni hang out in our Slack channel, become faculty themselves and mentor their juniors.